Living, Blogging, Writing: Starting Anew

Hey there. I am back.

I don’t really know how to begin. It’s been a long time for sure – and not only did I stop blogging, but also writing in general. I didn’t even read (not to mention finish) a book in the last couple of months. It has been a stressful year – not that that is bad. It has been from time to time. Life tends to overwhelm me, but I try not to let it. So with this post I will be back – and better than ever! Or at least I hope so.

But before we are getting into the things I want to do with this blog, topics I want to discuss and changes I will or already have made I am giving you some updates on what happened the past year.

A picture of three globes. The background is blurred
We are going on a new journey – stay tuned to see where it will take us!

1. Getting my Bachelor’s degree

First of all I started working on my BA in October 2017. I finally got my degree in February. I put a lot (and I mean a LOT) of work into that study but I loved it. I loved researching and collecting data and most of all I loved putting the parts together and writing the piece. And the hard work paid off since I finished with an excellent grade.

For those of you interested in Sociology and what I wrote about: the translation of my title would be something like: “Public Housing, Drugs and Violence in US-American Ghettos. Urban Segregation on the Grounds of Social Inequality in Hip Hop Music”. If you want to know more about that topic just stay tuned, I am sure I will come back to it in some future post.

2. Starting my Master’s Degree

I hadn’t even finished my final exam yet when I began taking classes for my Master’s Degree (also in Sociology). So, from October till March I was busy doing two things at once and I won’t lie: it was really hard and nerve wracking.

3. Working

Also, as if all of that wasn’t enough already, I started working at a new place in Online Marketing. Which is a lot of fun and all, but you have to keep in mind that it was my second job. I started working there in October and I just left my other job in May – so I had to degrees to work on and two jobs. Yeah, I think you are beginning to see why I just couldn’t find time for blogging.

4. Moving Out

In January I started renovating an apartment with my (now ex-)boyfriend. We figured it was time to move in together and for the longest time I thought it was the right thing to do. It wasn’t. So in April we broke up. Still I moved out of my mom’s and into that apartment.

5. Getting a Cat

Since now I wasn’t bound to anything anyone else wanted or didn’t want I finally got the chance to get a cat. I dreamed of that moment for so long! So now little “Thor” is by my side every day – and even though cuddling isn’t really his thing, he is just the best thing that ever happened to me! #crazycatlady

the cute Thor Thor is just a wild, playful but also very, very cute cat!

6. Beginning to Read Again

One huge part was missing since October: reading. I am just starting now to get back into it and it’s really hard after such a long break. But now I got time – even though I have to write some essays for Uni it’s vacation time, so I don’t have to go to University itself. Also as I said I only got one job to focus at – also a huge benefit.

There are a lot of things that also happened that I didn’t tell you about – if I did this post would never end. But you can be sure that I will share (at least some of) them in future posts. But for now let me continue with what is going on with “Linda’s Wonderland”.

So, what’s new?

For the longest time I thought about what I wanted this blog to be. I kind of didn’t enjoy only reviewing at the end. Don’t get me wrong, it was the right way to start, but somehow I wanted… more. So now I decided to brand it as a bookish & thoughtful all-arounder. I just want to post whatever I want. But the categories show my preferences:

  • Story-writing, maybe even a coherent story (we will see about that),
  • Taking you with me on the journey of writing a novel,
  • Thoughts on social problems and society in general,
  • Taking some beautiful photographs whenever I get the time and
  • Of course reviewing some more books. 

Even though those are a lot of different topics I only want to post once a week – at least at the beginning. If I push myself too hard now I know I will fail again. So, posts will be published every Sunday. I am also trying to start posting pictures on Instagram again – we will see how that turns out though.

Okay, okay, now I think that’s enough information for now.

I will see you next week!