A (Not so) Complicated Thing Called Love

I don’t care. I don’t care whom you fall for.

On a white sheet of paper the word »Love« laid out of grey wool
No matter for whom we fall, we all need a little love.

I don’t care if this special someone is male. I don’t care if she is female. I don’t care if her biological sex isn’t the same as the gender he or she identifies as. I don’t care about his or her skin color. I don’t care if he or she can speak English, Japanese or Saheli. I don’t care if she or he likes to play soccer, sings country songs or plays the piano. I don’t care if he or she finished High School or even got her or his Doctor’s degree. I don’t care if he or she believes in God, Allah, another Higher Being or none at all.

I don’t care about those concepts called “race”, “ethnicity”, “sexual orientation”, “gender”, “religion”, and all the others you may think of.

Red roses in a field photographed from a bird's perspective. On top of that a banner saying: »Thoughts on Life. A (not so) complicated thing called Love

I only care about one thing: your happiness. The happiness of the people around you. And maybe my happiness.

I do want you to be happy. I do want you to fall in love, smile, laugh, have the best sex of your life, enjoy every second, be whoever you always wanted to be, do anything you ever wanted to do.

Just be yourself.

Enjoy being yourself.

All of you.

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