Life Defining Questions? Or More Like Life Defying Questions?

a piece of paper on which the word »why« is drawn in different calligraphy styles
Why are we asking all those questions we may never find the answer to?

There are some questions in life that we might never know the answer to:

Who am I? What am I doing here? What am I supposed to do? What is the reason I am here? Why am I here – at this place, that exact time? What comes next? How will I move on? Will I live to see another day? Is there more to this life than living? Than falling in love, marrying and having kids? More than making a career for myself? More than travelling the world? More than being successful – in whatever way we think it is to be successful?

Aren’t those questions the ones keeping us busy? Making us overthink things? Making us strive for more and more - never achieving some big end-goal? Some life-changing achievement? So in the end: can those questions be wrong? Even harmful?

Or are those the questions that keep us going? Keep us seeking answers and digging deeper? Making us wiser? Helping us achieve goals that seem impossible? Aren’t those the questions of a free will? Aren’t they showing us that we can think about that and for that alone we should be grateful? We (or at least most of us) are free. We can do whatever we want – at least in theory.

a folder lies next to a pen and a plant on a marble desk. On top of that there is a graphic saying: »Thoughts on Society. Defining & Defying Questions«

Can these questions be answered by science? Like most of the questions we ask on a daily basis? Maybe someday. But more likely they will never be answered by any scientist – not in the social science and in no other. We just have to figure out how we act on those questions – will they define us, or will they end up defying us?

Signature of the author Linda