[TPoW #3] A Synopsis

Of course we already summarised the ideas for our book in the first step, but now I want to write a short synopsis oft he book (kind of like the blurb you find on every book.
That should help us determine the main characters we need to focus on and the settings we have to describe. Also it should be a first outline of the book, that helps you organize your writing and the order of your chapters.

My synopsis

A* is the chosen one. She will go to 1** and bear a child to one of the shapeshifters. It will be an honor and her family will be cared for their entire lives, thanks to her. But there are horrors awaiting her, that no one told her about. Horrors, no one could even imagine. And only one light will guard her to the darkness, that now is her life.

*I don’t know the names of any characters yet, so I will just use the letters to replace them.
**Okay, I know this will get confusing, but hey, I don’t know, what to call the kingdoms either, so we will replace them with numbers.

So, for my characters this synopsis means, that I will have to focus on the Girl, who is chosen (A), her light (the Prince) and her darkness (which mainly describes the King).
Also I need to find a way to build up two new kingdoms – the one the Girl lived in and the one she gets dragged to.

But we will talk about those things in the next few posts.