Review: Beautiful Broken Things

Author: Sara Barnard
Publication Date: February 2016
Pages: 322 (Macmillan)
My Rating: ★★☆

What is the book about?

The story evolves around Caddy, a teenage girl, who lives in Brighton. She and her best friend Rosie meet up with this other girl: Suzanne. At first Caddy gets really jealous of gorgeous, perfect Suzanne and she also gets scared about her friendship to Rosie. Now, one day Caddy forms a plan: she will reveal Suzannes secret and get her best friend back, but after discovering that Suzanne isn't as perfect as Caddy thought, she will find a true friend in her.

What did I think of this book?

I could say so much about this book and it still wouldn't summarise what I feel. Yes, this book deals with mental health and I understand it is a very sensible topic to touch. Nonetheless it did a good job at portraying depression and abuse from an outsiders point of view. I did understand where this book was going, but I honestly have to say, that I am not a huge fan.
First of: Caddy was such a pathetic character from the beginning! After reading her "To Do List" for the next year, I was like: b**** that's not what you want to wish for! The first two goals may be plausible: get a boyfriend, have sex. Okay, I can deal with that (even though it wouldn't make for a book I would want to read). But then: Experience a significant life event! I was like: what? And then she explained: it is supposed to be story that makes your life more interesting, like having someone close to you die or break some bones and miserable stuff like this. WHO THE HELL WISHES FOR THAT?! (Like seriously?!)
Before I totally lose my shit freak out about this, I will move on. So now that Caddy met Suzanne who was actually abused by her (step-)dad she feels the need to play saviour, and even though this makes sense she has a shitty way to do so: just going along with everything Suzanne tells her and never saying no (that's one thing Caddy's mom is right about btw)
Ending this review on a positive note: I liked Rosie's character. She was so down to earth and kind of dealt with all the stuff her two friends put up on her. Also, Sara Barnard did a good job at telling Suzanne's battle with depression and suicidal thoughts - I just wish that the main character of this book would have been Rosie or better: Suzanne. It would have made this book a lot better!