[TPoW #5] The Setting

The setting is one of the things that totally depends on the story you want to write – if it’s a realistic story you may want to use actual existing places, if it’s a low-fantasy novel you may find yourself adding some non-existing places into a map of a real-life city and if it’s a high-fantasy book you want to write you may have to design a whole new world.
Now I did do all of those things at some point in my writing, and I will just shortly tell you how I figured it out for each of them.

Already existing places

This might be the easiest for many writers – all you need to do, is to describe an already existing place somewhere on this earth. Now, I would always recommend to go for something familiar at best the town you live in or a city where you can stay for some time – it makes it easier for you, considering that you will describe, what you are seeing in front of you.
The biggest problem I see in this choice, is that you might forget some important details, because you are blind to them (because those might be places you visited a thousand times and you take those things for granted).

Already exiting places mixed with new elements

If you decide on using an already exiting town and adding some mythical places, you can also apply the notes I wrote for the last category. Furthermore you might want to do some research on the architecture of the buildings you create yourself – ether to make them fit into the other places already around or to stick out.

A completely new world

So, this is the one I am going for: I will create a new world. I started this world-building with drawing a map to figure out, what places I will need to describe and what makes them special. I guess this is the one option that gives you the most freedom to do whatever you want – and that’s why I chose it! But be aware that it is also easy to over-describe places, so be aware (and be careful not to scare the reader away, because he is overwhelmed).

I will tell you more about the visualization of the setting (and the characters) in the next post. Until then, have a save writing-journey!