[TPoW #1] The First Idea

Hello and welcome to the first real post on the topic of writing! If you don't know what these posts will be about, check out my introduction to them here - I explained everything in that post!
Then without further ado, let's get started!
Of course before you can even start writing, you need to have an idea. If you need some inspiration I would suggest reading other novels of course, but also maybe scrolling through Tumblr or Pinterest - I find pictures to be very inspiring, so maybe they will help you too. Also, listen to your dreams from time to time - they are my biggest source of ideas!
Now I am one of those people, who have like a thousand and one ideas of possible stories in their head, but who don't really know where to start, and how to get the story in order - that's one of the reasons, I've never finished writing a novel. So I would suggest to you, that you just get the basic story worked out from the beginning - that also means to figure out, how long you want the story to be: is it supposed to be a short story, a novella, a novel, a duology, a trilogy or even a whole series? Of course you can change your opinion at any point, but for me it really helps me to find my pace in writing.

For example:

If you are going to write a trilogy you will have much more time to focus on side characters, on the world building and just some ordinary things that happen. Whilst in a standalone novel, you can touch those topics, but you should focus on the main problem at hand.

Next of you should work out which genre you are most intrigued by and which would kind of describe it. Now this isn't necessary, but I find, that it kind of brings a little more structure into the story, as you will know which aspects of the genre to include. 

For example:

If you are writing a Young Adult-novel, you will have to approach sexuality in a milder way, than might do in New Adult or Adult stories. Also decide if it is supposed to take place in a realistic, a dystopian, a sci-fi or a fantasy setting.

My story:

As I told you before, I always want to apply the things I tell you to my own project, so here we go:

  • I want my story to be a duology or a trilogy (as I see fit in the process of writing)
    • This is because I want to focus on two main strings of the story: first on what happened to the mother and then what her heir has to face (you will see what I mean by that, further into the post)
  • It is supposed to be a high fantasy series on the edge between young and new adult (just because I can't really decide which one to choose - we will see, I guess)
    • I am really exited for all the world building, which this genre needs
    • Also I want supernatural beings included, so yeah!
    • I want there to be romance (because I just love some lovey-dovey :D), but I am not sure how far I will take it, hence the "edge between young and new adult"

Getting to the story itself:

Just take some notes of the basics, we will refine them later. I will give you some of my own notes, but not all of them, because this post is already pretty long and also I don't want to spoil you, if you ever get to read the whole story.
  • In my world there are the humans and some kind of shapeshifting beings (no idea how to call them yet)
    • all of those shapeshifting humans are male, they can only switch between a kind-of-human form (maybe I will give them pointed ears, or something, not sure yet) and one animal form - their spirit animal
      • This means: I will have to do a lot of research on animal symbolism, but I love that topic, hence the story.
    • If those males want offspring, they have to rely on humans, who worship them
      • so those humans select one of their 16-year-old daughters every year to send to those shapeshifting beings (cruel, I know), but it is an honour for the girls to be selected, because she will bring her family wealth and everything
      • Of course those girls aren't treated well in the shapeshifter's realm, but yeah, no one knows that.
  • Like every year, there is a girl selected and she is sent to this dark place to bear the offspring of one of those shapeshifter princes (an even bigger honour)
    • She gets abused and stuff (maybe this will be a little too graphic, but I think it will be necessary for the story)
    • But she kind of falls in love with one of her servants and yes, the offspring is his.
  • There is an old legend, that no one ever understood, which basically means, that the child born from love between a shapeshifter and a human, will be a woman with special powers.
    • So yes, she gets born and gets really badass, and all. (which will be, what the second book is about)
I hope this showed you, how I approach my writing process, and I will see you next week with some more information on what I am doing and how my writing goes.