Standalones I want to read

Last week I talked to you about the book-series I want to read and this week I want to continue further on my TBR to the standalones I want to get to soon!
As before, I will link their goodreads-page so you can gather more information, as this is only supposed to be a short overview.

Heartless (by Marissa Meyer)

As I told you before, I absolutely adored the Lunar-Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and that’s why I just must pick up this book too! Also it’s an adaptation of "Alice’s adventures in Wonderland" and I didn’t call this blog “Linda’s Wonderland” for no reason. So, yeah, I need this book in my life!

The Night Circus (by Erin Morgenstern)

After finishing Caraval I decided, that I need to read “The Night Circus”, because I heard so many people say, that it’s similar to Caraval AND a lot better. I mean, I enjoyed the concept of Caraval but the story wasn’t really for me (if you want to know more about my opinion on Caraval, click here for my review).

With the next books, you will find, that there is a pattern: they are all very diverse reads. As many other booklovers, I decided to make this year, the year in which I will go and discover the world of diverse books and those are the ones I picked for my first encounters.

The Hate U give (by Angie Thomas)

I heard so much good things about this book and it seems such an important topic in our society! As much as I know it is about a black girl who experiences racism and police brutality first hand as her childhood friend (a black, unarmed guy) gets shot by police.

Queens of Geek (by Jen Wilde)

This is a book, which intrigued me because of it’s cover. I knew I would want to read it even before I knew what it’s about. Now I did a little research and I can tell you: I AM SO READY FOR THIS! The book is about a bisexual girl who goes to visit some sort of nerdy Convention (just like ComicCon) with her friends. Their lives change forever as they go for the things and make decisions that they wouldn't dare doing at home.

Of Fire and Stars (by Audrey Coulthurst)

Yes, yes everybody is talking about this book and I am a little late to the party, but I just didn't have the time and money to pick it up yet and I know I have to! The story intrigues me so much! If you haven't heard, what the book is about, here is a short summary: It's a fantasy novel on two kingdoms at war. To unite the kingdoms the prince and princess of the kingdoms are supposed to marry and form an alliance, but what no one saw coming: the princess falls in love with the prince's sister...

 I am so exited to read all of those books and I will keep you updated on my opinions once I finish them! What standalone do you have on your TBR? I have to be honest, I don't read them often, because I love it when I can binge read one book after another surrounding the same story!