My Favourite Standalones

Last week I told you which standalone novels I wanted to read and today I want to talk to you about the ones I actually read and loved. I know this list isn't long, but as I told you before, I am not a huge fan of standalones, because I just love it when there is book after book after book!
But without further ado, let me tell you about the ones, I have read:
(yes, I will link their Goodreads-pages)

1. Every Day (by David Leviathan)

One of the first standalone novels I read, is David Leviathan's "Every Day", that's also why I own the German copy of the book (wasn't really into reading English books then). Now I know, there are and will be some companion novels to this book, but I still count it as a standalone, because it is a finished story (I don't think I will pick up the second book in this series, like ever).
It is about this human being, who changes body every day (hence the title). The body he takes over, is the one of a real, existing person and he/she always stays in a certain radius of the last body he/she inhabited. Now, life was easy (he/she knew he/she couldn't change it, and accepted the fate), but then the main character meets a girl in her boyfriend's body and kind of falls in love with her. Now, how do you tell a person, that you don't really have your own body without sounding totally insane?
I found this book to be very intense, as it dealt with homophobic issues as well as suicide and some sort of abusive relationships (I mean, if you switch bodies every day, you will come across this kind of stuff eventually), and I have to say, it did a great job in carefully touching those subjects.

2. The Problem with Forever (by Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Yeah, I just realised that my favourite standalone novels are just the opposite of the series I typically read - they aren't really high fantasy, but more pretty realistic everyday topics. 
I honestly love all of Jennifer L. Armentrout's books, but this book took me by surprise. Normally she writes very light-hearted fantasy-/romance-novels, which I absolutely adore (just look at my blog and you will find a lot of her books on here). But this book is something else! I mean it still is a romance, don't get me wrong, but it is so not a fantasy-novel!
It is about this girl who grew up in foster care with another boy. They both were abused by their foster parents, until one day the situation escalated and they get transferred in different families. Now, years later, they meet again in school and they realise, that their lives have taken completely opposite directions. She on the one hand, landed in a caring home of doctors, who will give her everything she wants. She also still struggles to talk, always remembering that the only thing, that kept her safe in her former home, was to keep her mouth shut. 
He on the other hand, was also given into a caring, but very poor home. He had/has to deal with drug abuse and dealing (mostly through his foster siblings). It isn't very likely that he will ever go to College or will do anything more with his life.
Now, what will happen when those two worlds collide? Will their shared past unite them?
I know, there are many people who disliked this book, but I just loved it, even though it broke my heart at some point (if you read it, you will know what I am talking about).

3. Dreamology (by Lucy Keating)

Back to the more light-hearted easy-reads, because that's what this book is. Never the less, I absolutely devoured this book and enjoyed every minute of it. 
It is about a girl, who always dreams of a boy, whom she never met in real life. She knows it's a fool's wish, but she wants to meet this boy, not even knowing if he really exists. In her dreams they are so close to each other - and it is more than only friendship that connects them, that's the one thing she is sure of. At least that's the case until she meets him in her new school. Him and his girlfriend...

Do you have any suggestions regarding standalone novels, I should read? Leave them in the comments below!