My Favourite Anime-Series

Hello everybody, and welcome back to my blog!
Today I want to talk to you about my favourite Anime-Series! I am a TV-show and Anime-Junkie and if I am not reading, you will most likely find me in front of a screen watching them. So, let's get started:

1. Tokyo Ghoul

As on my "Favourite Manga"-list Tokyo Ghoul takes the first place - I am just obsessed! I love the storyline and the characters and the art and ahhhhhhh, it's just all in all fabulous!
If you don't know what the Anime is about, here is a short summary: It's about this human boy, who nearly dies in an accident and to save him, he get's donated an organ. No one knows that his donor is a ghoul (a human-looking predator, who feeds on human flesh), until the boy - Kaneki - loses all his appetite in "normal" food and finds human flesh smelling really yummy. Yup, sounds good, doesn't it? GO WATCH IT!

2. Fairy Tail

I think everybody has heard of "Fairy Tail", the Anime about magic guilds. I mean as you can see I am all for the fantasy genre, so I had to watch Fairy Tail and naturally I loved it! It's such a light-hearted Anime, which you can watch anytime and it will always make you feel good. 

3. Ao No Exorcist

Another Anime I just couldn't stop watching! It's about exorcists (no shit, look at the title :D), who hunt demons (that's what exorcists do, duh!). I don't know how to explain the story (uh, you should know that, if you write reviews...) - just GO AND WATCH THIS ONE TOO! 
No, on a serious note, it is about this boy who is the son of Satan and a human wife, but instead of being Satan's representative on earth (and doing evil in the process), he decides to become an exorcist (just your typical teenager there :D).

4. No Game No Life

When I first saw a snipped of this anime, I knew I had to watch it! It just looked so well drawn and the character-design was just so awesome. When I watched the first episode, I couldn't stop until I finished the anime (tbh, it only has like 12 episodes, so no big deal!).
It is about those siblings who love playing video games and are also really good at it. One day they kind of get... absorbed? (I can't find a better fitting word) into this virtual world, where they have to solve puzzles and stuff to become king and queen (no, there is no incest, get your mind out of the gutter). It's all like a giant video game, but there are very real consequences, if they don't master it... (*insert epic music here*) 

5. Clannad & Clannad: After Story

Strolling away from the fantasy-genre, Clannad could just be someone's everyday-life. It's set in a Japanese High School and it is all about the group of friends, who struggle with topics like bullying, finding the right job after school and falling in love (didn't we all struggle with that?). I honestly have to say, that I shed some tears while watching this anime, maybe especially because it is so damn realistic, so keep some tissues nearby if you watch it!

And yes, there is Chopper in my thumbnail, but One Piece isn't on the list, that's because I only wanted to include Anime, that I have finished or am up to date on and I am far behind with One Piece...