[RS #9] Weltenwandler Pt. 2

Prologue (Pt. 2)

The sunsets in this world are so much more beautiful than the ones in my world. It takes hours for the sun to completely set – still, it is already low today and I realize that it’s later than I thought it is. We must say our good-byes soon. Too soon.
I am looking for Con and finally I spot him on Su’s front porch. Niall, Su’s younger brother, is with him and they are playing their silly card games. They don’t seem to notice me and Su approaching, so I decide to do a little prank on them. 
I turn to face Su and hold one finger up to my lips to signal her to stay quiet. Then I continue towards the boys, careful not to make a noise. Meanwhile Su is hiding behind a tree, giving me a thumbs up.
I am creeping up behind my best friend and then I release the loudest shriek I can manage. The boys look horrified, searching for the source of the noise until the find me, crouched behind Con’s chair. I immediately begin to laugh at their shocked faces. Niall is shaking his head, not understanding how a person can enjoy pranking anyone, but Connor looks at me with amused eyes. 
All the anger I felt before is forgotten when I look at those beautiful, nearly black eyes. Then Con hits me softly on my arm – punishing me for pranking him and I have to laugh even more. 
“You should have seen your faces!” Su says, emerging from her hiding spot. 
“They were hilarious!” I chime in. 
Con is just shaking his head – but the sparkle in his eyes tells me, that he isn’t angry.
“Are you finished soon?” I point at the cards. I want to spend some time with my best friend before we have to leave.
“Yeah,” Con answers, “Niall is going down!”
Niall just grins knowingly and then they continue their game.
I was never one to enjoy card games, I was always the one going out into the nature – exploring the forest, playing hide and seek or just lying in the sun.
Su is grabbing my arm now, dragging me into the house. I call to Connor, that he should come find me, when they finish their game.
Inside Su and I fall onto her bed – we are exhausted from running/flying through the woods all day long. 
After a while Su says: “You should come here more often, I miss you!”
“But you have Niall!” I argue, even though I myself wish to spend so much more time here.
“Yeah, but it’s boring just with him – he won’t play with me like you do!” 
Niall was never one to spend much time outside – he was always a quiet child, keeping to himself most of the time, at least until he met Connor. Somehow Con can get everyone to talk to him, an ability I envy.
“You know, I can’t come here more often.” I say quietly. I don’t want to think about it, that’s why I am happy when the door opens.
“Man, I thought you two are up to something cool, but you are just chilling…” Con teases us.
“What? Are we supposed to play your boring card game?” I tease back. Con just rolls his eyes.
“We have to leave soon,” he tells me.
Words I didn’t want to hear. 
I still say: “I know.”
I lean over to Su and whisper: “I will be back soon!”
She wraps her arms around me for a moment and then leaves the room, giving Con and me the space we need. Con grabs my hand and the familiarity of his warmth calms me immediately. 
“Let’s go into the forest,” he suggests and all I can do is nod. I am afraid that my eyes will fill with tears if I say something.
I don’t even know why I feel so sad suddenly – we are supposed to see each other again in only a couple of days.
“I know it will be the longest time we haven’t seen each other,” Con begins. 
“But it still will be only a few days.”
“I know.” Is all I can say.
There was never a time when Con and I were apart for more than two days.
“Promise that you will get in touch with me as soon as possible!” I whisper.
“Promise.” Con is holding out his pinky and I grab it with my own. 
Then his hand begins to vanish as well as my own. I don’t feel his touch anymore.
Con is looking directly into my eyes just before it’s too late. I can see, that they are as watery as mine.
“See you soon.”
And that’s it – I am home, falling into my own bed, thinking about my best friend and counting the hours until I can see him again.