[RS #8] Weltenwandler Pt. 1

I already told you, that I am not sure, which language to write in and now I completely messed up: I wrote like eight chapters - half of it in German, the other half in English, because I couldn't decide on one language. Now I started translating the first part to English, but it's just not the same and that's the same for the other way around. I'll still publish the chapters, but please have patience with me.
Also, if you are capable of reading German: go over to my Wattpad, because I'll publish the originals there. (Btw I couldn't think of a English title yet, so we will go with the German one for now)
And now: here we go:

Prologue (Pt. 1)

It’s a sunny day and I am lying in the fresh green grass with exotic plants growing all around me. My hair is spreaded all aroud my head – if anyone would look at me from above, it would have looked like a halo.
Suzie seemed to notice it to, because she grins at me from her spot in the sky, then her wings stop moving and she comes rushing down towards me. I can just roll away, before she crash-lands right where I was, just a second ago.
“I think you should get some more lessons on landing”, I tease her and as she is about to softly hit me on the arm, I am already standing and about to run away.
“Come, catch me, if you can!” I call, before running towards the bushes. I know that it would be easy for Suzie to catch me here on this clearing, but if I can reach the forest without her catching me, I will have an advantage. She can’t use her wings between the closely growing trees. 
“It’s always the same with you,” Suzie laughs without stopping the chase. She is running over the dry forest floor, breaking some branches whilst trying to catch up with me.
I know where I am going, but Suzie doesn’t and that’s why I can trick her. I pretend to go deeper into the forest, where the trees are so close to each other, that it’s hard to see between them. I can escape Su’s field of vision and whilst she must think I went further into the woods, I am turning right toward a cave I found a few days ago.
It is a limestone cave with stalagmites so big that I can easily hide behind them, so that nobody can see me upon entering. 
It takes Su some minutes to notice that I didn’t go deeper into the forest, but then I hear soft steps on the cave floor. 
“Ása, I know you are in here!” she calls.
Silence, then: “Come out and show yourself!”
I don’t even consider leaving my hiding spot – it’s just to perfect. If Su comes anywhere near me, I will just move around the stalagmite and she will never find me.
I can just finish my thought, before Su comes close to me. I shift quietly around the pillar and try not to laugh, but I can’t contain myself. After I just let out a small chuckle, Su is already next to me.
“I knew it!” she exclaims and starts to laugh shamelessly. 
Suddenly I feel tired and kind of sad. I leave Su where she is and walk out of the cave. 
“Hey what’s up, A.?” Su calls after me, but I just keep on walking.
I walk towards the small village in which Su lives with her brother and I don’t stop before reaching their house. Su tries to talk to me a few times but I just ignore her. I know I should contain my feelings, but I just can’t stop thinking about how this day is going to end.