[RS #10] Weltenwandler Pt. 3

It’s 6.30am and I am searching for my clock to turn it off. I can’t stand waking up at this hour, but it’s only three weeks until summer vacation and then I will sleep in every single day! 
I close my eyes again – just a little more sleep. When I open them again it’s already ten minutes to 7am. I hurry out of bed, searching for some clean shorts and a shirt to put on. Then I rush into the bathroom – one advantage of living only with your dad: the bathroom is always empty. 
After finishing cleaning myself up, I run down the stairs.
I nearly tumble into my dad, who says: “Good morning, darling!”
Then he presses a quick kiss onto my forehead and I hug him quickly. 
“I’m in a hurry, sorry dad!” I call. I grab a banana and make a run for the bus , that just turned onto our street. The door falls shut behind me. 
I thank god for the empty bus – I really need the time to really wake up, the dream from last night really messed me up.
Normally I forget a dream only minutes after, but since a few weeks, they stay with me, always overshadowing my thoughts. They are so different, the places, the people, but they all have something in common: there is always the same person with me, a boy, as young as I am in my dreams, maybe seven years old. 
“Are you asleep again, Miss Salverson?” the bus driver stands in front of my seat, arms crossed. Damn, I didn’t even notice, that we arrived at school.
I apologize quickly and storm out of the bus, noticing him shaking his head to himself. 
I run to the entrance, I can’t be late again. At the stairs Zoëy is waiting for me. 
“Hey, sleepyhead,” she teases me, “did you fall asleep in the bus again?” 
“Why does everyone think that I fall asleep whenever I can?” I notice my own harsh tone and smile at my best friend to make up for it. 
“I don’t know, maybe that’s because that is what you do.” Zo is grinning and I can’t deny her point. The last few weeks were exhausting for me, especially with those weird dreams, that keep my mind occupied day and night.