Wow, wow, wow! I am flashed and I need to tell you about it!
It was yesterday that I began watching Riverdale on Netflix (because my boyfriend decided to sleep at 7pm and I was like: what do I do now?) And let me tell you something: I was taken in! I couldn't stop watching until I finished every last episode that is already released and I loved it so much!
That's literally me after every episode: "What the what is going on?"

I don't even know where to begin to tell you about this show! I guess I should start with the story, shouldn't I?
So, Riverdale is the name of this small town, which seems pretty normal if you look at it from the outside, but in reality there are so many mysteries and intrigues happening - it's just crazy. Then one day the son of the very influential Blossom-family goes missing and the whole town is shocked - nobody seems to know where he went or what happened to him. After a few days/weeks he is found dead and now the real story begins: who killed him, what happened and what is up with all those people in this town?

Also, the setting of the show is just so lovely - the small town has an old school flair to it, but the show itself is playing in our modern time. It's just a beautiful mix of old and new!

And the characters! OMG! The cast is just IT! Every single actor is just ON POINT for their role! I mean just take a look at the cast:

But that's not it.

Of course - there is so much going on in this show, that I can't even begin to tell you everything - and that's not what I want, because you should just go and watch it yourself!

PS: If you do want a review including spoilers or going deeper into the characters, then just leave a comment, and I will do that!
PPS: Also, I am very interested in what you thought of the show and if you love it as much as I do?