Review: Queen of Shadows [Throne of Glass #4]

Series: Throne of Glass, Book 4
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Narrator: Elizabeth Evans
Publication Date: September 2015
Playing Time: ~ 20 hours
My Rating: ★★★★★
This review contains spoilers, if you haven't read books one to three of the "Throne of Glass"-series yet!

What is the book about?
Aelin finally accepts her role as Queen of Terrasen and now she has to get her court back together. But first she needs to get back to Rifthold to get her family necklace back from her old master - the King of Assassins. Whist executing her plan, Aelin will face other obstacles and will have to once again play the role of Celaena Sardothien to save the people she loves the most. 
On the other side of the continent Manon Blackbeak is supposed to be the King's lackey, but the things happening around her, make her wonder if the witches really are born with a murderous heart...

What did I think of the book?
When I listened to this book I was like: 

... and so many of them! I enjoyed every single part of the book - and Manon made the story even more interesting! I lived for the moments when Aelin had to fight through dozens of men to get what she wants...

That's kind of how I imagined her (and don't tell me that there isn't a resemblance between Lagertha and Celaena/Aelin!)
... Also, I was so pissed at Chaol, I know that he has every right to be angry at Aelin, but man, you f***ed up at least as much and you can't make her feel even worse, than she already does!
All in all I just loved all of the book! This series just gets better with every minute I listen to it!