My 5 Favourite YA-Series [that I haven't finished]

I love reading books, that have sequels over sequels over sequels or at least companion-novels, but that also means that my TBR is ever-growing, because there is always a sequel I am waiting for. 
But there are some of those unfinished series' I already fell in love with, and those are the ones I am telling you about now:
(as always I will link my own reviews on the first book in every series or the Goodreads-page for further information)

1. Throne of Glass-Series (by Sarah J. Maas)

I am currently listening to "Heir of Fire", which is the third book in this series of six (if there aren't any added later). It is also the last series I started and I was just blown away. I listened to the first two books in one day each (yes, I had a lot of free time and yes, those two days were following each other). I heard so many Booktubers and Bookstagramers praising the "Thorne of Glass"-Series, that I wasn't sure it could surpass my expectations, but as I said it is just phenomenal!
"Throne of Glass" takes place in a fantasy-kingdom and the main character is a girl, who is the most famous assassin in mentioned kingdom (can it get any better?). Turns out that there is a chance for her to be free again, after being captured, but she has to serve the king, that killed her parents, as a loyal servant for that. There is so much going on in those books so far - I just can't get enough (even though I am so confused after a character just revealed a third identity).

2. The Dark Artifices (by Cassandra Clare)

Of course this series had to be on here - none of my favourites would be complete without a Cassandra Clare book in them.
Even before "Lady Midnight" was released, I was so excited for this series - I binge-read all the other Shadowhunter-books and I loved all of them! Also, Emily, who is the main character in "Lady Midnight" got a special place in my Shadowhunter-heart, since she was first mentioned in "The Mortal Instruments"-Series. 

3. The Titan-Series/The Wicked Saga (by Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Another author whom you will stumble over often on my blog.
Those two series I began reading, knowing that I will have to wait for the conclusion for like forever (even though the last book in the Titan-Series was finally released!)
Cutting to the stories: The Titan-Series is a companion to the Covenant-Series and focuses on Seth. It is more of an New-Adult-read (in contrary to the Covenant-Series, which was more of an YA-Series), but in my opinion that's what it has to be to fit Seth's character.
The Wicked Saga on the other hand is about a which living in New Orleans and who is hunting fey with her coven (yes, fey are actually evil in this series, and I love it!)

4. Stalking Jack the Ripper (by Kerri Maniscalco)

The first book in this series totally took me by surprise! I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did - mostly because murder mysteries aren't normally my thing, but this book brought an interesting twist to the Jack-the-Ripper-murders in London. Whilst it is based on the known facts concerning the murders, it focuses on the story of Audrey Rose, a young girl who dreams of being a forensic anthropologist in a society which doesn't really accepts working women. Audrey then gets obsessed with Jack the Ripper and decides to find the murderer by herself. 
As I said before, I really enjoyed the first book in this series and I hope, that "Hunting Prince Dracula" will live up to the first book.

5. Starflight-Duology (by Melissa Landers)

I have yet to by the conclusion to this duology (mainly because I am broke af and can't spend any more money on books), but I have to say that I enjoyed the first book, even though the plot was pretty obvious. The book is placed in a future, where humans inhabit different planets - some of them are just for vacation, others are only home to the poorest of the poor. But this story focuses on a spaceship and its crew - the selling point? There are f***ing space pirates! COME ON!