My 5 Favourite YA-Series [that I have finished]

You ever wondered what other people's favourite book-series are? I did and I love to hear or read them talk about them. More often than not I do have to go and get them after that, because they just sound amazing! And that's why I figured, that I will tell you MY favourites today:

1. Six of Crows (by Leigh Bardugo) & The Raven Cycle (by Maggie Stiefvater)

Okay, there is a joint winner, because I just couldn't decide on one of those series'! I loved both of them with all my heart.
If you don't know, what they are about, I am happy to help you: Six of Crows is about a group of outsiders and criminals, who go on a heist into the most well-guarded city in their world to retrieve one of the probably most influential and also dangerous person alive.
The Raven Cycle Series on the other hand is about a group of friends, who are trying to find a Welsh King, who is supposed to be asleep on the Ley line since a couple of hundred years. Whilst doing that, they discover their own gifts and deal with different obstacles.

2. The Young Elites (by Marie Lu)

I liked the "Legend"-Trilogy by Marie Lu, but I didn't love it, so it took me some time to pick up "The Young Elites", but when I did I was lost in the world the author created. It was like nothing I've ever read - the main characters were so twisted and not like the heros you usually get! Every page felt like an adventure to me and that's what cast a spell over me!
Just shortly: "The Young Elites" is about this girl, who discovers, that she can summon shadows to do her bidding and after being by the world one too many times, she kind of goes on a rampage and doesn't really know the difference between good and bad anymore. 

3. The Infernal Devices (by Cassandra Clare)

I think every single one of you has heard of "The Infernal Devices"-Series, but if you haven't, here are the facts: A girl arrives in London in search of her brother and discovers some unbelievable facts about her heritage. Now she has to fight evil with the people, who shouldn't completely trust her.
I lived in the "Mortal Instruments"-Series by Cassandra Clare and so I naturally felt drawn to "The Infernal Devices" and I have to say, that I enjoyed them even more! I just found the setting of old London and the Characters a little more interesting and it didn't feel like the story was too obvious (often, whilst reading "The Mortal Instruments" I was like: This is going to happen, than that and so on - and guess what? Most of the times, it did!).

4. The Lunar-Chronicles (by Melissa Meyer)

I know many of you know, how much I love the Lunar-Chronicles and that's mainly because it surprised me so much. I picked the books up, thinking I would like them, but they didn't really seemed like something I would love. But as I said, they surprised me and that's why they have to be here!
The four books in the series are retellings of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White in a Ski-Fi-Setting. There are Cyborgs, people with mind-controlling abilities, kings and all kind of fun things! 

5. The Covenant-Series (by Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Of course I had to include at least one of Jennifer L. Armentrout's books (I mean I've got a whole shelf dedicated to her, if that's not saying something, I don't what is :D) and after thinking about it for a long time I decided on the "Covenant"-Series, because I like the mythology behind the books so much. I was always interested in Greek mythology and this is just perfect.
"The Covenant"-Series is about a school for kids who are the greatgreatgreat(-and so on-)grandchildren of demigods and who are supposed to hunt daimons. And yes there is a threat rising - but I don't know how to summarise those books, because they are pretty complex, so just go read them!

Also worth mentioning: 

"The Mortal Instruments" (by Cassandra Clare), "The Grisha"-Trilogy (by Leigh Bardugo) and the "Lux"-Series (by Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Want to know more? I linked you the posts I wrote on the different series, or, if I have yet to write them, I linked you their Goodreads-pages!