My 5 Favourite Manga

As many of you know, I am not only addicted to reading books but also manga and today I want to talk to you about my five favourite ones. 

1. Tokyo Ghoul (by Sui Ishida)

Tokyo Ghoul is my absolute favourite without a doubt - I am so attached to all the characters, it's unbelievable! If you haven't heard about this manga before (which btw also has an anime, which is pretty good), then let me tell you about it: It is about a boy - Kaneki - who gets a donor organ from a Ghoula (a female ghoul), which means, that he himself transforms into a ghoul and his life depends on eating human flesh (because apparently, that's what ghouls do to survive). Of course he is drawn between his human morals and survival. Also, he now has to face the investigators, who hunt ghouls - of course they are hunted, I mean they kill humans after all.

2. Übel Blatt (by Etorouji Shiono)

I read this when it was first published in Germany and I kept on it since. It's a fantasy manga in which the protagonist - Keinzell - wants to get revenge for getting killed by his comrades (to be fair, he wasn't really dead, but got saved by a fey or something similar, who melted into Keinzell's body). Now those comrades are celebrated as heroes and it is Keinzell's task to show the world, what they really did to earn their fame.  

3. Orange (by Ichigo Takano)

This is a more romantic manga (much more than the other ones on this list, haha). It focuses on Naho, a high school student, who receives a letter from her future self, begging her to safe the transfer student, who just arrived at her school. At first Naho doesn't believe in the letter, but as time goes on, she realizes, that there is truth behind the words and now she has to safe her friend from dying. 
I would recommend this manga to everyone who wants to get into the genre, because it's an easy-read with beautiful illustrations and an even more beautiful storyline.

4. Beyond Evil (by Miura Ogino)

Switching back to the much darker stories (which I do prefer most of the time): Beyond Evil is about a world in which humans can exchange life for money and the other way around. Of course those kind of deals lead to dirty businesses and to moral differences. The manga focuses on a high school student who is determined to make things right as he faces the men, who trade life in exchange for money.

5. Dimension W (by Yuji Iwahara)

This manga is set in the far future, where energy is generated through so-called "coils". With humanity still being humanity, there is a big underground organisation trading these coils and to catch them there are the "collectors". Mabuchi is one of those collectors and when one day he stumbles upon a mysterious girl whilst on his job, his life changes in a way, that he never would have expected...
Another manga I would recommend to newbies - it's also an easy-read and if you are a fan of Sci-Fi stories, I guarantee you'll like it!

As always I linked you to my own reviews on those manga or to their Goodreads-page, even though I realised, that most of them aren't yet published in English, sorry for that!