Live Review: Heir of Fire (Part I) [Throne of Glass #3]

So I really wanted to do live updates on every chapter of this book - then I realized, that it is like 20 hours long - so I will start now and after like half of it I'll live-Update you (no I still can't listen to 20 hours straight in one sitting, sorry :D)! This might as well be the longest post on this blog ever, but yeah...
And oh, of course, if I tell you my opinion on every chapter, there will be SPOILERS!
Update: I divided the posts, because it just got too long!

Chapter 1:
So, Celaena is drowning in self pity and doesn't want to resume any of her plans anymore, right? I mean, I get were the thoughts may come from, but girl! You have to get your shit together (even though, I would probably be the first to break in the way Celaena did - or worse).

Chapter 2:
We finally meet the mysterious Rowan and yes the vibe that I get from him is perfectly resembled in pictures I saw!
Here, have a treat (drawing by Pablo B. on Tumblr)
Chapter 3:
There is Chaol again, fighting with his consciousness and still not knowing what to do with himself and his feelings. And there is Aedion Ashryver: the warrior and Celaena's cousin, who is controlled by the King and seems like a big A*****e - this shit is getting tangled!

Manon by Maeirys on Tumblr
Chapter 4:
Hello Manon!
Wait, iron claws? Badass! Oh, I like those badass witches!

Chapter 5:
Rowan and Celaena going on a road trip - I see.

Chapter 6:
Okay, so Aedion is a real A*****e - and a child or something - i mean pushing someone into a rosebush?
And hello Sorscha - are you a new love interest for Dorian?

Chapter 7:
Celaena continues her road trip and they arrive at a secret layer. And there is Maeve - greeting Celaena as Aelin (finally!).

Chapter 8:
Rowan is a freaking prince? This shouldn't be surprising but it somehow is. And Maeve seems so creepy and arrogant - I guess she wouldn't be the best queen for the whole continent either... now Celaena or Aelin or whatever is supposed to become the queen she was born? Question is: what's in there for Maeve? And I mean I guess she will do it, but what will it take from her?

Chapter 9:
There we have soulless and heartless Manon again - and she and her coven are supposed to fly on the wyverns of the King of Adarlan, this can only get more interesting (especially considering Manon's bloodlust)...

Chapter 10:
Aedion is beginning to piss me off - not only by being so damn arrogant, but also by just tricking so many to like him and by getting Chaol into trouble...

Chapter 11:
Celaena can finally bathe and look somewhat herself again - maybe that will help to motivate her again? 
Oh and she is still thinking of Chaol (even though I am not sure, that her wounds concerning him can ever heal, I still hope they get on good terms again). 
And let the kitchen work begin!
"She could not remember, what it was like to be free."

Chapter 12:
3.000 Clans? Heeeeello! And the Wyverns? Awww, nice I am excited!

Chapter 13:
Let the training begin!

 Chapter 14:
Wtf is this guy with the darkness? Poor Celaena going through the death of her parents and loved ones again and again... 
Okay so the f*****g Price sends Celaena into a trap he didn't even check out first? With a thing in there of which he has never heard? WTF?! And poor, ashamed Celaena... I don't even know what to say about her agony...

Chapter 15:
Chaol and his father are a thing for themselves, aren't they?
Yup, Sorscha and Dorian - there is a chemistry between them, I won't deny that and I am interested in her story, but I am more interested in Celaena's and Manon's story at the moment.

Chapter 16:
Oh there we go! 
Manon and the wyverns seems like a good combination - they will be so strong!

Manon is like: "Of course we are the best - duh!"

Chapter 17:
And Celaena. Poor Celaena - stranded without her friends and in unknown lands. 

Chapter 18:
Haha, Dorian and his flirtation: go sparring, get hurt and then go to your favourite healer.
So he already knows what she "usually" and "always" does. Yes, yes. And now she also knows about his magic...
Maybe Aedion isn't such an asshole after all (I mean there was only one occasion when we were taken to the slums - remember?)

Chapter 19:
So Aedion IS meeting with the rebels and he still loves his cousin Aelin! And now he knows she is alive. I mean his reaction to the news is kind of cute, I have to admit.

Chapter 20:
So provocation is the cue to getting Celaena to shift...

Chapter 21:
Wait what now? Another foul creature attacking Celaena? Why?
Yaaaaaaas, there she is: Aelin, the badass fey with f***ing wildfire spreading out of her!

Chapter 22:
I just love Manon - I always liked the evil, badass no-feelings-involved-kind-of-characters. And her choosing the bait as her mount is just so fantastic!

Chapter 23:
Go on with the Bromance-drama between Chaol and Dorian.

Chapter 24:
I like seeing Aedion's consciousness!

Chapter 25:
Sometimes I forget how humane Celaena still is, even after all she has been through! I mean burying a random stranger, even when she has enough on her mind and when no one else cared to do it.

Chapter 26:
Aedion gets the first glimpse on what happened to his Queen (resembled through her apartment) and I imagine him being close to tears (idk, seems like a sentimental moment, doesn't it?)
Meanwhile Sorscha finds a cure, which earns her a kiss - yes, yes, as if we didn't see that coming ;)

Chapter 27:
I like Manon more every time the story switches to her! I just love it! (yes, I know I repeat myself there!

Chapter 28:
I love how Celaena is just like: "Mmmh, chocolate!"

Chapter 29:
Dorian + Sorscha = Love or some equation like that :D (I mean, I don't dislike them, but I am not particularly interested at them atm, to be honest)

Chapter 30:
Chaol and Aedion on the other hand seem preeeeeeetty damn interesting! I mean, just look at the changes Chaol goes through in this series: completely loyal captain, not questioning his King to rebel!

Chapter 31:
"The flower-loving worm" - I can't! A wyvern who prefers flowers over meat!

Chapter 32:
First: Panic! Then: Fly!

Chapter 33:
Set the world on fire, Celaena! The shimmer of Celaena's jealousy is just so... I don't know, just so humane, hopeful and lovely, but the broken heart after that, makes me sad. I just don't get, why some have to endure so much pain and other's can just live a happy life!

Chapter 34:
Poor, broken Celaena and poor Emrys, who didn't do anything to deserve her wrath. My eyes went kind of wet when she shouted at him.

NO NOT THAT! Even though it may be helping Celaena in the future, it isn't okay to threaten someone's friend!

Chapter 35:
Can Rowan for once check out a training location before getting Celaena into danger? WTF?!
Finally we get to know something about Rowan's background!

Before I enter Part 2 of this book, I will take a break, before continuing. But I will end this post here, because it's already so long! I will write about the rest of the book tomorrow.