Live Review: Heir of Fire (Part II) [Throne of Glass #3]

Chapter 36:
As Aedion doesn’t answer the question if he wants to become Celaena’s/Aelin’s king, we all know what he wants, don’t we? (And no, I don’t want this to happen!) But Chaol and Aedion as “drinking buddies” (even though it’s only charades) still makes me happy.

Chapter 37:
These books are getting better with every minute: Now we get massive, talking spiders? I am all in!

Me right now!

Chapter 38:

Chapter 39:
I love to hear more about Rowan and how his life went - and also about Celaena of course! In my opinion they will be really good for each other, considering they went to similar troubles in their lives.

Chapter 40:
Yes, yes we know about Dorian and Sorscha and we also know that Dorian doesn’t approve of Chaol’s actions…
„It didn’t change his feelings“ - we know Chaol, we know…

Chapter 41:
„And as she listened, she began to hate Maeve. Truly hate her.“
Haha, I love how Celaena is kind of jealous and denies having any interest in Rowan anyways.
2 minutes later...
I don't know how many mistakes considering Celaena's safety Rowan already made, and it pisses me off!

Chapter 42:
So, finally Rowan realises what Celaena truly has been trough (at least part of it) and his reaction is: "You are staying with me from now on!" and then they hold hands?!?!? Okay, Rowan, I forgive you for all your previous mistakes! Take care of Celaena though - I got the feeling she will easily break again!

Chapter 43:
I live for these moments when we get to know more and more about the characters!

Chapter 44:
And it's finally time for Manon to master the Crossing and she has the support of so many! It all kind of felt so real at the moment - Sarah J. Maas' writing is just sooooo damn enchanting!

Chapter 45:
I mean, I knew there was a big scratch on the relationship between Chaol and Celaena, but for her to say that she will never share a bed with him again - it broke my heart. Even though she still denies, that she has any interest in Rowan (maybe she hasn't?)

Chapter 46:

Chapter 47:
Oh, okay, there he is.

Chapter 48:
There was a tear in my eyes when Celaena got to know about all the slaves being slaughtered - as if she hasn't gone through enough already...

Chapter 49:
I love how Dorian is all protective of Sorscha at first but lets him convince otherwise so easily... And the scene at the theatre - I am a wreck now!

Chapter 50:
So, there will be no reinforcements coming to help defend Mistward (not really a surprise, but yeah).

Chapter 51:
There they come - attacking Mistward, slaughtering its inhabitants.

Chapter 52:
I KNEW IT! They are Valgs after all! Not even Rowan's friends can help Celaena there, can they?
"And darkness swallowed her whole..." - no Celaena, no! Don't give up!

Chapter 53 + 54:
I hate everyone who hurt Celaena - I didn't feel so strongly for a fictional character for a long time! But still, I love to hear more about her past and especially about the caring family she once had!

Chapter 55:
"Blood to blood. Soul to soul." We all saw that coming at some point, didn't we?

Chapter 56:
Nooo, I want more of Celaena not Dorian! (yes, yes I know, it is an important part of the story...)
Oh, so now Chaol and Dorian are on to the Wyverns? Exciting!

Chapter 57:
Celaena and Rowan are just the best! I got the feeling, that they will be friends for eons to come!

Chapter 58:
Back to Dorian, Chaol and Aedion and his rebels. And Dorian will stand beside Celaena. YES!

Chapter 59:
Celaena and Rowan finally arrive in Doranelle. And there is Maeve.
But if the Mark of the Unnamed glowed before the King, he must know who she is, mustn't he?
"And then she set the world on fire" - yes, girl, go for it!

Chapter 60:
There she is: Aelin! Queen. I mean, one thing we knew all along that she wouldn't let Rowan go without a fight. I love it!
And then she gets tattooed by Rowan? Ahhhh, I love the way this story is going!

Chapter 61:
Go, go Manon!

Yup, my iPhone just stopped working - I don't really know what to do now, so just bear with me and I will update you as soon as I can continue listening to the rest of this audio book! I think the phone is broken but I just downloaded the book onto my laptop.

WTF is going on, I thought they weren't supposed to kill/hurt each other - I will hate Iskra till the end, but Manon, I will love!

Chapter 62:
So Manon has a heart and soul against all previous claims.

Chapter 63:
Poor, poor Chaol...
No, no, no! This can't be right! NO! The King can't know of Aedion and Chaol!

Chapter 64:
Yes, go Dorian! I like it when you step up!
And go, go Aedion! (I hope he survives though - he should meet Celaena/Aelin)
At least now he will live for some time through the trap the King has set for Aedion! 
So Sorscha IS more than a healer! I love it! I love that there is more to her story than we already knew! NO NO NO! You can't kill her! NO! This can't be true! F*** the King! 

Chapter 65:
I mean, sure, the King had to make an example out of Sorscha, BUT NO!
Still, Chaol shouldn't risk everything because of rage! And Chaol can't die too! That will break Dorian forever! And now the King knows of Dorian's power! NOOO! That's all wrong!
"It won't be death for you, son" (but something worse - won't it?) - that's also something I kind of saw coming. But somehow he will get free of the collar - won't he?

Chapter 66:
See you soon, Manon!

Chapter 67:
Bye sword of Chaol. Bye old-Chaol. I hope you finally made up your mind.

Chapter 68:
Oh my god, I loved this final scene of Rowan and Celaena!