Review: Throne of Glass

Author: Sarah J. Maas
Narrator: Elizabeth Evans

Hey there,
I just finished listening to the audiobook of "Throne of Glass" today and I wanted to tell you everything about it. And no, you will not find any spoilers here this time!
So, I finally started the ToG-series, after hearing so much about it - I was honestly scared to read it, because everyone praised it so much, that I was sure, it couldn't live up to my expectations - and before I continue, I have to say, it didn't, but I'll tell you why later.
I listened to the book on Audible and the first thing, that annoyed me, was the narrator: I just didn't really like her voice. In my opinion it was just too deep and didn't really fit the characters and atmosphere of the book. So maybe just don't listen to the audiobook...
But continuing to the story: Even though I knew better, than to expect a badass assassin, I still hoped for it and I was surprised to get Celaena, a 18-year-old assassin, who got caught and has to work in the mines as punishment. Yes, she is badass and she knows, how to kill anyone within a second only using her bare hands (I mean she killed like 20+ guards in the mines). BUT she is also quick to build relationships with the people around her, which I don't think is a good trait in an assassin (considering you will become more vulnerable the more you care). I still really liked her as a main character - I was on board with most of her decisions and got where they came from (and yes, she did make some decisions I didn't expect, and that's what I loved about it).
Badass Assissin-Celaena (Art by Delaney Januzzi)
Aside from Celaena I got Dorian: the crown prince, who saves the assassin to make her his champion and fight other criminals to regain her freedom. Sounds cheesy, doesn't it? And who didn't expect the love story from the first time Dorian appears? I did for sure. But there is more to Dorian: he doesn't support his father's (the king) decisions, he is a womaniser and he is more of a reader, than a soldier - all of those traits were pretty obvious and kind of stereotypical in my opinion, but Sarah J. Maas did a good job selling them and making Dorian a likeable character. 
Then there are Captain Chaol Westfall and Princess Nehemia: one the captain of the King's guard, the other the princess of another nation, which doesn't really support Adarlan. Both get close to Celaena and support her throughout the book.
Because I don't want to drag this review out anymore (it's already a lot of text), I will just give you my final thoughts: yes, I will continue the series, because I did really enjoy the first book, even though the story was pretty predictable... But everyone said, that the books only get better, so you can count on some more reviews soon!