Let's Talk Writing

I know that many Booktuber's and Bogstagramer's goal is to write a novel - to be published, and to be read. Now, for a long time I thought this goal would be unreachable for me, I couldn't imagine, that anyone would want to read the stuff I write, but after getting some positive feedback, I think, that maybe - just maybe - there is a chance for me. And there is a chance for everyone else. 
I love writing. I always loved it. Since I read the first book by myself, I was enchanted, I always wanted to do, what those authors did: I wanted to create whole worlds with my words and I wanted others to fall in love with my characters, I wanted them to feel the heartbreak, I wanted them to laugh and to shed some tears. I wanted to show everyone the beautiful worlds, that are trapped inside my head. 
Even though I always - yes, always: just look at old friendship books from my friends: my dream-job was always author - so even though, I always knew, that I wanted to write, I could never ever finish a book. I began story after story - some I gave to friends and family, who told me, that they enjoyed them, others I kept to myself. I wrote about my life, my dreams, different worlds, dragons and witches. But no story ever got finished.
I am 21 now, and still, I begin to write, but I don't finish. I'm even more confused than before - I don't even know, which language to write in. After reading so many English books and watching so many tv-shows, it feels just wrong to write in German. But I don't know if my English is good enough to write a whole book. I just don't know. 
I look back on posts I've written on this blog, and I'm like: "That's wrong, that sounds wrong, that can't be right", and yes I know, it's not about getting everything right instantly, but it just feels wrong. Now the last story I've written is divided in German and English parts, because I still can't decide. 
What more is there to say?
I guess, I will just try to keep on it. To JUST WRITE. Because at last, that's what counts, isn't it?