Being Creative...

...In a World Full of Creative People

Did you ever think, that there was something, you and you alone were good at, but then someone came around and did, what you did, but did it better? I did. And did you ever think, that you weren't good at something, because someone told you so? I did.
So the two problems here, are (maybe) the complete opposites of each other:

  1. Being good at something, but not the best (but feeling the pressure to be the best)
  2. And not being encouraged to do something, because others said, you weren't good enough at it.
So today I just sat down, and thought about that, and then I started to paint. I was always told, that I am not good at painting and today I also didn't paint structures or anything, but just did, what seemed fun. And I want to show you the results.

The Aftermath

I guess the result here is, that you don't have to be good at something to do it - JUST DO IT AND HAVE FUN!