Review: The Young Elites [The Young Elites #1]

Author: Marie Lu
Publication Date: October 2014
Pages: 355 (Putnam's Sons Books)

Adelina lives alone with her father and her sister Violetta. When the blood fever hit their hometown a couple of years ago their mother died and Adelina lost one of her eyes - now she is marked as a "Malfetto" forever. Because "Malfettos" are supposed to bring bad luck over one's family, Adelina is constantly abused by her father. Then one day Adelina catches hold of her dark side and begins to create illusions all around her - accidently killing her father in the progress. Now she is hunted by the Inqusition and sentenced to death - until a mysterious boy in a purple hood with a silver mask comes to save her and makes her an irresistible offer...

This is one of the books I got for my birthday and I really liked it. After reading Marie Lu's "Legends" I wasn't sure about her writing-style and her stories in general (because being honest with you: Legends was a really typical "hero meets heroine and they save the world together"-kind of story), but "The Young Elites" taught me not to judge an author by one of their books: The book is totally different from "Legends", mainly because it tells the story of an anti-hero trying to find a place she belongs and struggeling through the process. I really enjoyed it and I am currently reading the next book of this series (no complains so far).