Review: Ten Thousand Skies Above You [Firebird #2]

ATTENTION! This review contains spoilers, if you haven't read "A Thousand Pieces of You" yet!
Language: English
Author: Claudia Gray
Publication date: November 2015
Pages: 424 (Harper Teen)

Wyatt Conley won't stop bothering Marguerite's family, but what can he do? Her dad is safe at home, Paul is always wither her and they have no interest in surrending to Conley - until one day Theo collapses and the doctors can't find a solution for his health condition - it's the aftereffect of being exposed to Nightthief for a long time. To find a cure for his best friend, Paul travels through the dimensions and then the unthinkable happens: Paul's consciousness gets splinter into four different versions of him and now it's Marguerite's turn to safe him and for that she has to work together with Conley... But what will she learn whilst travelling the dimensions this time? 

So, I had a hard time reading this book after I read "Crooked Kingdom", mainly because I was so overwhelmed by the absolute awesomness of Leigh Bardugo's book. But after like 100 pages I got back into Marguerite's charakter and yes, I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for the last book to arrive at my house. But still, maybe it's because I'm so awestruck by Leigh Bardugo or idk - but Claudia Gray's book just couldn't keep up...