[RS #6] Dream.

It has to be an other weird dream - Con and I are children again and we are standing in front of a big neon-pink tree. Not only are the leaves colored in the brightest pink I have ever seen (it honestly hurts a little to look at them) but the trunk is also giving out a purplish glimmer. At first I have to think of an art project - I heard of people spray-painting plants in abstract colors, but as I walk to examine the tree closer, I see what I already knew deep down: That's its natural color.
I turn to look at Con, but he just shrugs.
"Who can reach the top first?" he asks me as he is already starting toward the first branch to klimb up the weird pink tree.
I don't hesitate an other second and follow him up.
"Hey, that's not fair!" I call.
"Don't be such a baby Á." I don't even know when he started to just call me by the first letter of my name. But as he says it my inner pride responds and I climb faster - I step on branches that Con carfully left out because they seem like they will break every second - but I take all the risks to show Con that I can be as good as he is - I can even be better!
And that's when I hear the 'knack' and then I only feel air surronding me.
I am falling.
There are small branches combing through my hair, leaves getting stuck.
The one thing I can focus on before touching the ground is Cons face. He stares at me in shock and pure desperation to do something. Anything. Everything to prevent me from getting hurt.
I try to send him a smile to tell him it will be alright - I wasn't too high up, maybe I will break a bone or two but I will be fine.
But before I can send him that message pain flares through me like lightning and I cry out.
Con jumps from branch to branch to get down as fast as he can.
"Where does it hurt?" he asks.
I whisper: "everywhere." I can't get myself to say more.
Con looks down at me - I have never seen him that worried and that has to count for something when I think about all the things we did when we were travelling these worlds together.
I open my eyes.
There it was - the word: worlds.
It weren't just dreams. There is more then one world.
It was always more than that and now I am overwhelmed by all the memories floating through me.
More neon-colored trees, whole castles just built out of light, people as small as babies but grown adults, flying animals, women with teeth sharper than any knife I have ever seen, ears pointed up to the sky.
There are so many images flashing through my mind, that I have to just lay in my bed for what feels like a millenia.
I just can't grasp that it was all real.
But I know that it was.