Review: A Million Worlds With You [Firebird #3]

ATTENTION! This review contains spoilers, if you haven't read "A Thousand Pieces of You" and "Ten Thousand Skies Above You" yet!

Author: Claudia Gray
Publication date: November 2015
Pages: 419 (Harper Teen)

After visiting the Home Office Marguerite finally know what Wyatt Conley is really up to: Saving his Josie and if Margerite does not help him to destroy the multiverses, he is going to destroy hers. Still she won't obey him and tries to save every universe possible - even if that requirees for her to nearly die everywhere she goes.
Will Marguerite be able to save not only her own world, but all the worlds that are threatened by Conley's attempt to bring Josie back? And will Paul ever recover from being splintered?

I finally got around to read the last book of the Firebird-Saga and I am still not sure what to make of it... I mean, I enjoyed reading the books: they were a simple read, the idea of them was fascinating, but I am not sure if I like how Claudia Gray told the story...