Review: We Were Liars

Language: English
Author: E. Lockhart
Publication date: May 2014 (USA)/ August 2015 (DE)
Pages: 225 (Delacorte Press)

The Sinclair-Familiy seems to be perfect - they have enough money to own a private island and all that comes with it. Cadence's grandfather had a brilliant business idea and now the whole family is profiting from it - all of them are perfect. There are no mistakes in the Sinclair-Family. There is no cheap clothing or make up. There is only wealth and hapiness. At least that's what everybody is supposed to think. The reality is different, but Cadence and her nieces and nephews who call themselves "The Liars" just begin to realize the truth when it's nearly too late. But then they have a brilliant idea, which ends with Cadence on the beach without her clothing and nearly drowned. She doesn't rememeber what had happened and aince that day there have been horrible headaches torturing her. It takes her two years to get back to the beautiful private island and as she does her memory slowly begins to return and she begins to understand why her friends acted the way they were.

Okay, so this book is not typically a genre I go for - too overdramatic and not enough fantasy (if you know what I mean), but I have to say it got to me. Cadence view on the story she is telling is realistic and well choosen. Also the writing style is on point! Even though I didn't know how to feel about the main character for like three fourths of the book, I felt the pain she was in and understood how she came to the conclusions she drew. So I really enjoyed the read between some other book and if you like yourself some drama and a major (though very obviuos) plottwist then I would recommend this book to you.