Okay, so I promised to do a Readathron - not only to you guys but also to myself - and that's what I am going to do today.
Starting at 10am until tomorrow 10am.
Let's see how much I can read - I will update you every like 2 hours or so...

11:33 - finished "A Million Worlds with You" (81 pages)

13:57 - my mom and I dacorated for christmas and ate lunch - now it's time to continue reading (of course with christmas music playing in the background).

20:46 - read a text for Uni (16 pages) and had a nap. Not going that good so far...

10:00 - so I read like the first 100 pages of "Queen of Hearts", 200 pages of "Stars Above" and listened to 4 hours of "Wicked".

Yeah, that aren't the best results, but I think I did pretty good...