Six of Crows [Six of Crows #1]

Language: English
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Publication Date: September 2015 (USA)/ TBA (DE)
Pages: 465 (Henry Holt and Company) or 15h 9m on Audible

Inej was a normal kid. Then she was a slave. Now she is the Wraith. She knows everything that's going on in the streets of Ketterdam and that's how she helps Kaz to always be a step ahead of his opponents. And that's also how she knows before everyone else what will be there next mission, which being honest, most likely will end deadly for all of them. But if you travel with a crew of criminals, who will bat an eye if you return safely? And so they go: the Wraith, a cripple, a gambler, a runaway, a traitor and a spy.

Okay, so this is the book you see EVERYWHERE and honestly I wasn't sure if I should really read it, because I was sure it couldn't live up to the hype and after listening to the first hour or so of the audiobook I found that statement verified - I was just confused! It took me nearly a month and a lot of patience to start it again and to finish it this time. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made! I loved it so much! I wouldn't recommend to listen to it though, because Leigh Bardugo mentions so many locations that you really should follow on the map included in the book and there are just some passages I had to listen to twice just because following a fastpaced plot by listening to it can be hard sometimes - especially if you are like me and love to do at least two things at once!
Otherwise it is just a fascinating book, which I would recommend to any fantasy-lover!

Just because there always has to be a chance to improve ;)