[RS #5] Silence.

Do you ever miss the silence?

There is always noise in New York City - emergency cars driving to rescue people, dogs barking, music playing from the speakers in stores, people talking, and taxis driving way too fast to get their customers to their destinations. I didn't grow up here, but I love the city and I love the noise. If New York fell silent, even if it was just for a second, I would go insane - if there would be a moment of silence, I would be reminded of all the things I did. The things, I moved to NYC for, the things I never want to talk about. They all happened in silence in a little town in Minnesota. There were no shops to play music, there weren't enough people to get injured - so there were was no emergency sirenes, there was noone shouting in hectic, because everyone was too polite and maybe just not stressed out enough to get angry at others. All in all it was boring - until this one day, when everything changed, me included, the day of my twentyfirst birthday - the day, since which I never spoke to my family and friends again, the day, I decided to move to New York, the day I became my true self: a person whom noone will ever be able to love.