Here I am, once again, telling you about the Mangas I read in July. There were a few and I didn't want to make a blog post for every single one of them, espacially since they are all pretty similar and very light-hearted stories, that I read in between learning.
The Mangas I read were "Last Game", "L-DK", "Crayon Days" and "Faster Than a Kiss". All of them are set in high school and they all are love stories of different kinds.
Last Game (Source)
In "Last Game" the good-looking, rich and smart Yanagi is faced with the challenge of defeating Kujou, a girl who has to work after school tho help her mom, who is shy and doesn't seem to care much about relationships. He is obsessed with defeating her, but after ten years of failing he sets himself one last challenge: If he gets Kujou to fall in love with him, he will win their Last Game. I really enjoyed the drawings in this Manga and the story was what is expected of a Shojo - not surprising but relaxing and enjoyable.
"L-DK" is about the high school's most popular boz Shuusei, who is wanted by all girls, but turns down their confessions in the cruelst ways possible. But Aoi is not one of those girls falling for a boy she barely knows - but as he moves in next door, she has to deal with him and so a love story is about to start...
Even though I really didn't like the drawing style of this one, the Manga never failed to make me laugh and that's why I continued reading it.
Crayon Days (Source)
"Crayon Days" focuses around Shima, who is a rather average art student at an art academy - at least that's what everyone thinks about her. But then there is Akatsuki, who is the top student - he gets his own exhibitons and is often interviewed for magazines - he sees Shima's real talent and they don't only bound over art...
I personally like Mangas that are about a somehow artsy person (if artist, author or singer doesn't matter) and so I picked up "Crayon Days", which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful drawn Manga I ever read - it has to be, as it is about an art school, hasn't it?
Last but not least we got "Faster than a Kiss", which is about High School-student Fumiko, who has lost both her parents in an accident and is left to take care of her brother on her own - that is until she meets her Homeroom Teacher, who kindly offers to let them live with him, if Fumiko marries him. It's really just the bitter sweet story of a student-teacher-love, which isn't supposed to happen, but still does, and even though there is a nine-year-age-gap between them, it doesn't really seem important...