There is this one show on TV, that I just can't stop watching and I don't know why exactly.
Guilt just piloted this summer and damn, it's good! I am known for watching many TV-shows and most of them involve a LOT of drama (take PLL for example), but Guilt takes the word dramatic to a whole new level!
Okay, so it is about this girl called Molly, who got murdered one night - everyone is a suspect, but most eyes are on Grace, Molly's roommate, but if you consider, that the victim was a high-end-prostitute, had a stalker and affairs with a lot of older (married) men, there is quite a big pool of suspects to choose from - and that's exactly what is done in this show! Not to mention more murder, intrigues and betrayals!
So if you liked shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and/or Scandal, I highly suggest you to check Guilt out!