A Thousand Pieces of you [Firebird #1]

Language: English
Author: Claudia Gray
Publication date: November 2014
Pages: 360 (Harper Teen)

It must be a mistake - that's the first thing Maguerite can think of, when her dad is killed in an car crash. It doesn't take long, before the police inform her, that it wasn't an accident at all - the brakes were manipulated and there is only one suspect: Paul Makrov. The Paul who lived with Maguerite and her family for a year, who helped them develop their theories on interdimensional travelling and the Paul, she nearly fell for. But now there is only one thing left she wants to do to Paul: Kill him and bring justice to her dad. And so Maguerite's journey through the dimensions begins - always on the hunt for Paul Makrov.

This is a book I wanted to read since last summer and never actually got around to, but I am so glad I chose it for this year's Booktubeathon, because I really enjoyed it! Yes, the love triangle was really predictable, but it got really interesting, when Maguerite is faced with not only one man she loves but two - who are the same, unless they are not, because they grew up in different dimensions... Yeah, that sounds kind of complicated, as do the theories on interdimensional travel, that are mentioned in the book, but hey, everything seems so realistic and is just the kind of story I really, really enjoy!