The Evil we Love [Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy #5]

Language: English
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publication date: June 2015 (USA)/ TBA (DE)
Pages: 91 (Kindle Edition)

It's been a long time since Robert Lightwood and his friends stood with Valentine and fought against what they believed to be the evil. If Robert thinks back to this time he knows where he was wrong and what he should have done instead of what he did. But it's never too late to learn from the mistakes you once made - at least that's what Robert believes and that's also why he decides to come to the Shadowhunter Academy to teach the students there about the circle and the danger of trusting a person just because of his/her charisma. But other then just telling them he also wants to test Simon and his friends. And that's where his daughter is needed...

I dont't know why people keep complaining about the Shadowhunter Academy-Series, I really enjoy it! It is a good way to shorten the waiting time until the next Cassandra Clare novella is published. And I do like the way it keeps up to date wth Simon's and his friend's lives.