The Iron Trial [Magisterium #1]

Original Language: Englisch
Language I read it in: German 
German Titel: Der Weg ins Labyrinth 
Authors: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black
Publication Date: September 2014 (USA)/November 2014 (DE)
Seiten: 332 (One)

Callum hasn't got any friends - neither in school nor anywhere else. If it wasn't for his father he wouldn't have anyone to talk to. His mother died when he was a child and his father always told him it was the fault of the magicians at the Magisterium. Of course Callum believes him and as he is chosen to go to the Magisterium - a school for kids like him, who can actually work magic - he is scared. His father always told him, that he was going to die if he ever entered that school, but as Callum actually gets to know the other students he learns that it's not too bad to be there - or is it?

When I saw there is a book written by Cassandra Clare that I actually don't know I was pretty excited and of course I had to have it! Then I saw that it was about a 12-year-old boy - not so excited anymore... But the novel taught me to be more open to other protagonists because it was - without a doubt - one of the better books I read! If you do enjoy Cassandra Clare books as much as I do, you should really chack this one out!