Just a Random Story #3

You already know about my random notes/thoughts/questions. I started to write them on post-it-notes and hang them on my wall and now I will gradually try to write a small little story about every single one of them.
Not all of them are Lindabrain-Originals tho - some are just quotes and stuff I saw somewhere on the internet - most likely on tumblr (btw check out my tumblr - just putting a little bit of selfpromo here).

Todays random note is: "I saw galaxies in your eyes"

It is a rainy day and I am just sitting here in a cabin in the middle of nowhere in a forest. And I love it. I love the rain and the mood it brings with it. I love to sit here and think about nothing and everything at the same time. I love the smell of the wet trees and the moss on the ground. I love how I just feel free. 
After spending, what felt like hours, sitting in the cabin and staring into the rain, I started to draw. First slowly but as I begin to feel more comfortable I just start to draw without thinking. I'm sitting there for hours and hours until I#m too exhausted to do anything anymore.

Where am I? I fell asleep, didn't I? I do not remember anything from yesterday - it's like I was drunk and now I got a hangover. I'm looking around myself - ah, I am still in the cabin, but there are paintings all over the floor. Those are definatly my paintings. But they all look so similar: They are all eyes. Eyes of the one person I love most in my life... They are so different, that noone except me would ever think that those are the same eyes over and over again just in different situations. If I hadn't met that one person I myself wopuld have never thought it possible for eyes to shine in so many different colors. There are whole galaxys behind those eyes shimmering as if to say that there is so much unknown behind them. Every star is like a new secret and no matter how far you explore them, there is always more, because therer are new memories to be made every day.

I just lost everything to those eyes.