Just a random story #2

Sometimes I just got some random questions or sentences in my mind I like to think about. I always try to write them down, so one time I'll be able to write a little story about them - and that's exactly what I am going to do in this series (or at least it's one of the things I'm going to write about).

Today's random question is: "What would you ask for if you knew the answer was yes?"

Of course everyone of you is supposed to answer this question for him-/herself and maybe some of you will leave a comment to answer it.

At the moment I think I would ask for a pet. Of course my answer might change in a few days or so but right now I really wish for a cat but I know my mom doesn't like them so I don't think I can get one as long as I am at home.
There are other answers in my mind - but those are far more complicated than that one. But maybe the question can inspire some of you to write a little story - as it did for me.

My little story:
It hasn't been long since T. graduated. It hasn't been long since she thought she had left all the pain and agony behind. It was time to look for the future - a bright one T. told herself. She repeated those few words to herself over and over again: I will be brave, I will find friends and I won't be bullied.
She took the most important step for her future - the step through the entry of the university.
And there it was - nothing had changed, every single person tuned and stared at T. - there was a silence that you couldn't forget - the silence of people judging. It was broken by a brown haired boy who whispered something to his friend - and then the others began to talk too.
Nothing. Just nothing had changed.
T. turned and ran away - not looking back at the building she just escaped. She ran until her feet couldn't take another step. Then she just collapsed. She wished for her sister to be there for her - she wished she could talk to her one last time. But she wouldn't. She never would.