What Is Going to Happen?

Linda | Jul 14, 2017
Hey there,

As some of you may have already noticed I have been quite inactive on this blog. That does not mean, that I don't care for it anymore! I do! A lot!

That is why I want to improve it - I will change up the design and also the platform it is hosted on! So keep with me on this journey! But the whole process will take me a while and I will not be able to relaunch "Linda's Wonderland" before the 10th of August. Now this isn't a set date - I will tell you more, as soon as I can!

Also I am lacking on my Insta, Tumblr and YouTube too. I am sorry for that! At the moment I am pretty stressed out. I got my final exams, am doing an internship, working a second job, and getting my Bachelor's degree (hopefully :D).
So, yeah. I will be back to it, as soon as I feel like it!

But don't forget, that I love you all <3