What Is Going to Happen?

Linda | Jul 14, 2017
Hey there,

As some of you may have already noticed I have been quite inactive on this blog. That does not mean, that I don't care for it anymore! I do! A lot!

Reading Books in Your Mother Tongue vs. in Their Original Language

Linda | Jun 28, 2017
As you all know I am reading nearly all of my books in English (I can't even remember what the last German book was, I read haha). But I often get the question of the why and how, so, that's what I want to answer today.

My Favourite Bookish Tumblrs

Linda Uhu | Jun 26, 2017
Last week I talked about my favourite Bookstagram-Acconts, so I thought today we may approach Tumblr: 

[TPoW #5] The Setting

Linda Uhu | Jun 23, 2017
The setting is one of the things that totally depends on the story you want to write – if it’s a realistic story you may want to use actual existing places, if it’s a low-fantasy novel you may find yourself adding some non-existing places into a map of a real-life city and if it’s a high-fantasy book you want to write you may have to design a whole new world.
Now I did do all of those things at some point in my writing, and I will just shortly tell you how I figured it out for each of them.

[TPoW #4] The Characters

Linda Uhu | Jun 16, 2017
In the last post I hinted that we would focus on the characters next, so here we are.
I always find it hard to choose the main characters, so that’s the first step – make sure you don’t add too many characters at a time, because it will make the whole book seem a lot more complicated and unorganized.

Review: Beautiful Broken Things

Linda Uhu | Jun 14, 2017
Author: Sara Barnard
Publication Date: February 2016
Pages: 322 (Macmillan)
My Rating: ★★☆

What is the book about?

The story evolves around Caddy, a teenage girl, who lives in Brighton. She and her best friend Rosie meet up with this other girl: Suzanne. At first Caddy gets really jealous of gorgeous, perfect Suzanne and she also gets scared about her friendship to Rosie. Now, one day Caddy forms a plan: she will reveal Suzannes secret and get her best friend back, but after discovering that Suzanne isn't as perfect as Caddy thought, she will find a true friend in her.

What did I think of this book?

I could say so much about this book and it still wouldn't summarise what I feel. Yes, this book deals with mental health and I understand it is a very sensible topic to touch. Nonetheless it did a good job at portraying depression and abuse from an outsiders point of view. I did understand where this book was going, but I honestly have to say, that I am not a huge fan.
First of: Caddy was such a pathetic character from the beginning! After reading her "To Do List" for the next year, I was like: b**** that's not what you want to wish for! The first two goals may be plausible: get a boyfriend, have sex. Okay, I can deal with that (even though it wouldn't make for a book I would want to read). But then: Experience a significant life event! I was like: what? And then she explained: it is supposed to be story that makes your life more interesting, like having someone close to you die or break some bones and miserable stuff like this. WHO THE HELL WISHES FOR THAT?! (Like seriously?!)
Before I totally lose my shit freak out about this, I will move on. So now that Caddy met Suzanne who was actually abused by her (step-)dad she feels the need to play saviour, and even though this makes sense she has a shitty way to do so: just going along with everything Suzanne tells her and never saying no (that's one thing Caddy's mom is right about btw)
Ending this review on a positive note: I liked Rosie's character. She was so down to earth and kind of dealt with all the stuff her two friends put up on her. Also, Sara Barnard did a good job at telling Suzanne's battle with depression and suicidal thoughts - I just wish that the main character of this book would have been Rosie or better: Suzanne. It would have made this book a lot better!

[TPoW #3] A Synopsis

Linda Uhu | Jun 9, 2017
Of course we already summarised the ideas for our book in the first step, but now I want to write a short synopsis oft he book (kind of like the blurb you find on every book.
That should help us determine the main characters we need to focus on and the settings we have to describe. Also it should be a first outline of the book, that helps you organize your writing and the order of your chapters.

My synopsis

A* is the chosen one. She will go to 1** and bear a child to one of the shapeshifters. It will be an honor and her family will be cared for their entire lives, thanks to her. But there are horrors awaiting her, that no one told her about. Horrors, no one could even imagine. And only one light will guard her to the darkness, that now is her life.

*I don’t know the names of any characters yet, so I will just use the letters to replace them.
**Okay, I know this will get confusing, but hey, I don’t know, what to call the kingdoms either, so we will replace them with numbers.

So, for my characters this synopsis means, that I will have to focus on the Girl, who is chosen (A), her light (the Prince) and her darkness (which mainly describes the King).
Also I need to find a way to build up two new kingdoms – the one the Girl lived in and the one she gets dragged to.

But we will talk about those things in the next few posts.

Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin

Linda Uhu | Jun 7, 2017
(I linked my spoiler-free review on "A Court of Thorns and Roses", if you want to check it out, also linked is my NOT-spoiler-free review on ACOMAF)

Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses, book 3
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publication Date: May 2017
Pages: 699 (Bloomsbury)
My Rating: ★★★★★+ (because it's more than any book before ever was!)

So, I just finished ACOWAR an hour ago or something and other than with A Court of Mist and Fury I had to gather my thoughts before writing this review (mostly I had to decide what to feel - laughs unsurely). Now, that I did tried that (and failed), I feel up to writing this review, because what the actual f***, Cauldron save me! I felt ALL the emotions reading this book - I cried wept, I laughed, I felt ashamed and amused, I hated and loved, I was screaming to finally do something and to pleading to not to anything! I know, I already said the same thing about ACOMAF, but I will say it again, and again, and again: I LOVED THIS BOOK TO HELL AND BACK and it may very well be my favourite book I have ever read!
But, to tell you why I feel that way, will be hard, even though I will still try! So lets go:
First of: the friendships in this book - they can make anyone jealous! I have never ever read a book, where there were friendships like the ones between the members of the "Court of Dreams"! The unconditional love and honesty between them - it was just so perfect! Most books focus on the love interests, while this one also showed the reader how strong friends can make you! And that's a message nobody should ever forget!
Then: Feyre finally finding her place in the world: as High Lady, warrior, spy, destroyer, lover, friend and saver of the world! I mean, what more can one human fae accomplish in life? 
Also: The tension between Cassian and Nesta was just so thick - I think you could have cut through it with a butter knife, if you tried - but I just adored them! I hope we will hear more of their story in one of the following books! Moreover: Mor being gay? Yes, yes, yes! Azriel maybe developing feelings toward Elain? Oh, that will be interesting, considering that Lucien is her mate!
And finally: The scene when my tears finally fell: The sisters' father convincing humans to fight in this war and arriving on ships named after his daughters! My poor heart nearly broke - it just couldn't comprehend that the man who never did anything to save his family, now finally did something! And not only something, but building a whole armada to save their asses! Wow, just wow! 
One last thing: Rhysand! Is it just me or does he get more fabulous with every book? I mean just all his support for Feyre (not to judge Tamlin, but thats how you should behave) and then his passion and love for his people? You go, Rhysand!

There is so much more in this book, that I can't talk about, because I just don't have the space, but I'd like to know, what you thought of ACOWAR? What do you make of Tamlin's actions? And what about Elain? Do you think she will end up with Az, even though Lucien is her mate? Or will she choose Lucien? Let me know in the comments!


Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

Linda Uhu | Jun 5, 2017
(I linked my spoiler-free review on "A Court of Thorns and Roses", if you want to check it out)

Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses, book 2
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publication Date: May 2016
Pages: 624 (Bloomsbury)
My Rating: ★★★★★

Okay, so as I said before, this review is mostly for those of you, who have already read "A Court of Mist and Fury", because I just have to talk about everything most of what happened in this book - also I appreciate comments on your opinion - let's have a discussion on all the parts of the book - even if it will take us hours upon hours! 
But, without further ado: let's get started!
I literally just closed the book five minutes ago and I just couldn't stop myself - I just have to write about it! NOW!
First of, let's talk about Feyre's evolution throughout the book: From broken, empty-hearted puppet to badass, powerful warrior-queen, I mean High Lady, who finally found her real family! At the beginning of the book I cried so much - for all that she hurt and no one saw. No one helped her, when she needed it most, and I prayed (I PRAYED to the Bookheaven or whatever), that someone would come save her - it was kind of obvious, that it would be Rhysand, but I was so angry at him too - WTF took him so long to show up?! I mean, sure, he explained it later in the book, but what the hell man - you felt her suffering and did nothing? What a great mate you are...
Seeing as we already are at the topic of Rhysand: Yes, yes I understand and adore his character (as many of us did, for sure - laughs shyly) and I can't not agree with his reasoning, which doesn't mean, that I can't still be mad at him, does is? Also, damn, that fae has some balls - taunting the most powerful being (because, let's be honest, that's what Feyre will be, once she masters her powers) and pushing her over the edge more then once (I don't mean that in any sexual way, even though that happened too), just to make her feel something! I kind of admire that bravery. And of course they ended up being mates - what else would it be?! (not that I didn't appreciate all the detail Sarah J. Maas put in the chapters about Feyre figuring that mating-bond out first alone and than with Rhysand at her side - you know what I mean ;))
And even though I knew deep within me, that everything would be good at the end, my heart stopped - IT STOPPED DEAD - when the King of f***ing Hybern supposedly broke the mating bond between Feyre and Rhysand - it stopped and just continued beating when Rhys spoke the magical words: "The king broke the bargain between us. Hard to do, but he couldn't tell that it wasn't the mating bond." - YES, YES, AND YES!!!
But continuing to the more sensible topic at hand: Tamlin. After finishing that first book in this series, I knew that this man was broken to a point of no repair and it was only a matter of time until Feyre had to break things off. What I didn't suspect (at least not to that extend), was that he would let her burdens alone, that he simply wouldn't care (or at least would just ignore it) - that's just the lowest a lover can sink, don't you think? And then being the lovesick, insane (because honestly, that's what it is, isn't it?) and overly protective fiancé he hunts her down, lets her be trapped by her (when it should be both of their's) worst enemy and takes her to the place, she should have never seen again? Don't get me wrong, I get where these decisions come from, but no! THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO, WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE! How does the song go, something along the lines: "If you love her, you will let her go" (damn, I got an earworm now) - yup, that's how that love-thing works and either she comes back to you (which means she truly loves you) or not - then you have to live with that too! Not go hunt her and make her sacrifice everything to save those, she truly loves!
Okay, enough on that matter, even though I could go on and on about Tamlin's (and Lucien's for that matter) actions, but it would just go beyond the scope of this post! So let's move on to the side characters - we got a lot of them in this book, and I loved and adored every single one! My fave? Without a doubt badass, protecting Nesta, who never shuts up and always states what is on her mind! The last book didn't even show half her personality, but this one? Wow! Also I would go murder Mor's parents myself if Feyre or Cassian or she herself don't do it anytime soon! And then Cassian and poor, broken Azriel! I just want to hug those loyal bastards males.

I think, that's enough of my rant about this damn fantastic book - you know it must be good, if I could just write paragraph after paragraph! (laughs quietly to herself) What is your opinion on the ACOTAR-series? And please don't include any spoilers for "A Court of Wings and Ruin" - I will pick it up as soon as I get paid (laughs in broke, then cries a little in broke too).


[TPoW #2] Some Basic Research

Linda Uhu | Jun 2, 2017
If you don't know, what this post is about, check out my introduction for my "The Process of Writing"-category here.
You may have to do a lot of research throughout your writing progress - especially, if you want to dive into the fantasy genre. Otherwise you may still want to research some of the settings, get inspiration for the looks of your characters and so on.
Today I want to focus on the basic research when writing a fantasy novel - which means I will do some digging into different cultures and mythologies and find out more about spirit animals and shape shifters. We will discuss world building and character design in a later post, because it would just be too much for this post.
In any case I would go around the topic of research like this:
  1. Ask Google
  2. Get further information from specific books
  3. write down and summarise the information you have gathered.
Of course I will take my own story as an example again.
So I first looked into "The Mythical Creatures Bible" by Brenda Rosen, which sadly didn't tell me much about the kind of shape shifters I was looking for. The only thing that came close, were the Obake from the Japanese culture. Still if you are looking for a guide through most of the mythical creatures existing in different mythologies, you should pick up this book - it gives a great first impression for most of them!
So, because I didn't really find anything useful to me in the book, I tuned to google. 
Sadly even here I did not really find what I was looking for...
I didn't dig too deep and maybe I will do that another time, but if I am being quite honest with you: I would love to design my own mythological creature, so I am all in!
The next thing I will need to do some research on, is spirit animals!

Spirit Animals:

Even this task seems to be harder than I thought. So now I am stuck with thinking about the different animals I want to include, and then doing some research on them and maybe even think about which special powers they could provide...

  • I decided, that I wanted no two shapeshifter-beings (I really should come up with a name) to be the same, even if they got the same animal-form, they are supposed to look different and their power will differ (which means, they could very well possess the same abilities, but there affinities will be different and therefor their powers won't be exactly the same)
  • As in most stories, I will make it, that the older the being, the stronger they get (which seems logical, because you should get wiser and stronger with time)

Now the animals (just some examples):

  • I need to include a raven - because I am kind of obsessed with them (don't know why, though)
    • intelligent, truthful, mysterious, kind of dark, secret keeper
  • Also I want to include a tiger
    • independent, strong, beautiful, confident, passionate, 
  • And a ferret
    • mischievous, curious, in-genuine