Jul 14, 2017

What Is Going to Happen?

Hey there,

As some of you may have already noticed I have been quite inactive on this blog. That does not mean, that I don't care for it anymore! I do! A lot!
That is why I want to improve it - I will change up the design and also the platform it is hosted on! So keep with me on this journey! But the whole process will take me a while and I will not be able to relaunch "Linda's Wonderland" before the 10th of August. Now this isn't a set date - I will tell you more, as soon as I can!

Also I am lacking on my Insta, Tumblr and YouTube too. I am sorry for that! At the moment I am pretty stressed out. I got my final exams, am doing an internship, working a second job, and getting my Bachelor's degree (hopefully :D).
So, yeah. I will be back to it, as soon as I feel like it!

But don't forget, that I love you all <3

Jun 28, 2017

Reading Books in Your Mother Tongue vs. in Their Original Language

As you all know I am reading nearly all of my books in English (I can't even remember what the last German book was, I read haha). But I often get the question of the why and how, so, that's what I want to answer today.

Why you Should Read Books in Their Original Language

I think the most important part of the question is why you should even bother picking up books in their original language and the answer is obvious: they are just so much better! I mean of course the story will be the same no matter the language, but if you read a book in the language it was written in you will get to know the story to its full extend - every word is spoken like the author intended it to be! With translations there is always some part lost - even if it is just the tiniest part of drama or passion, it is missing! And if you are anything like me, you do not want that!
So, as soon as I noticed the difference I always tried to pick up books in the language that they are written in - fortunately for me I am quite fluent in Englisch (obviously - hence the blog) and it was easy for me to get used to reading the language. Nowadays I don't even notice the difference between English and German anymore, I will just remember the story, not the language I read it in - but at first, it will be a struggle and I feel you, if you say, that it is a lot less relaxed, but I also promise: it is worth it! Take your time and struggle through the first five to ten books and after that it will just get easier. 

But what about the Languages I Don't Understand?

So, I am also trying to read Spanish books from time to time, but with them I am at the stage of struggling very (very!) much and of course there so many more books in languages I can't even begin to understand. Those are the books I will pick up in German - just to activate my German skills for once (like, I forgot so much of my mother tongue - I especially struggle with creative writing). And I know, you can't possibly learn all languages - but damn me, if I don't try haha. 


Jun 26, 2017

My Favourite Bookish Tumblrs

Last week I talked about my favourite Bookstagram-Acconts, so I thought today we may approach Tumblr: 
As some of you may already know, I am kind of addicted to Tumblr and I just love being on there, so naturally I began following some awesome Booklrs and I will show you the most beautiful of them now:
Just a quick disclaimer before we get into this post: I won't include Tumblrs which focus on one specific book(-series) or which only post bookish art, because I think those might be separate posts and I just cannot choose my five favs if I include those too! If you would be interested in my favourites in those categories too, then leave a comment down below! Now, without further ado, let's get into the Booklrs I chose for this:

1st Place: The Book Ferret
This is just the cutest, most adorable account ever! I mean there is a ferret AND books AND wonderful props! What more can you wish for?

2nd Place: Introverted Bookworm
There are so many maginificent and stunning pictures - including bookish cakes and some beautiful props!

3rd Place: Magic in Every Book
Not only does she have some of the most beautiful pictures of beautiful book editions, but she is also writing the most amazing book reviews and recommendations!

Sadly, I will not be able to show you pictures for the last two Booklrs, because I couldn't manage to get their okay to include them, but just go and check out their awesome pages! 

4th Place: Books Wrote My Story
Just look at all these bookish goodies - all the figurines, candles, bookmarks - and of course, most importantly BOOKS!

5th Place: Bookish Pages
Her pictures all got a little nostalgic feeling to them - and I love it!